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Sarah was happy to keep tending to Roxy and provide for both herself and her girlfriend, and Roxy Bbw lesbian fattened happy to be there for Sarah whenever she was tired or just had enough of the world for a while. Thinking about it so much caused Roxy to smile, and something deep inside her grew As if on cue, Sarah walked back in with a huge stock of food, wearing her blue-and-white dress and basically nothing Bbw lesbian fattened. The weight Sarah had gained Dietas rapidas been really accentuated by how small her dress now seemed in comparison.

The same went for her chest, the heart-shaped keyhole in her dress Bbw lesbian fattened her boobs slightly better since she hadn't had an undershirt on. Once she was done moving all the food she Bbw lesbian fattened into their bedroom, she closed the door and looked right back at Roxy.

Sarah walked slowly over to one of the piles of food, taking out a small stereo, setting it on the wide dresser that sat opposite to the bed that Roxy had demolished, and connected her phone to it, playing some music.

Once the song had started up, Sarah stood in front of Roxy, hopping up and down to prep herself up and to slightly tease Roxy. Once the song had started, Sarah started dancing. She started off by slowly moving her hips side to side, stretching her hands down to her feet Bbw lesbian fattened moving them back up slowly, then waving her body forward and backwards as she slowly turned around, looking back and winking at Roxy when her Bbw lesbian fattened was much more visible.

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After she turned back around towards her, Sarah stamped her right foot on Bbw lesbian fattened floor in front of Roxy and started moving her arms around with her body to the rhythm of the music, shaking her body wherever she could Bbw lesbian fattened showing off how Bbw lesbian fattened and strong her legs were with some cutesy poses thrown in alongside her dance. Sarah continued dancing for Roxy despite getting exhausted after a bit, now starting to move around Roxy to feed her even more, teasing her even further by hip checking her belly and sides when she was in the process of devouring food.

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Sarah kept going, dancing and skipping around Roxy while feeding her more and more, shaking her hips as she danced and rhythmically thrust Bbw lesbian fattened body into Roxy while she downed liter after liter of soda. It didn't take long before Sarah had Roxy's belly pinned, and was force feeding her while she made herself Bbw lesbian fattened hotter.

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It all came to a head when Sarah fed Roxy two containers worth of cookies, and massaged her belly as much as she could with her lower-half. After Roxy had swallowed the last of the cookies she was fed, Sarah held Roxy's head and moved her hands up to her own body, removing her dress and tossing it off to the Bbw lesbian fattened, revealing her body.

Sarah then felt up her own breasts while she leaned into Roxy's face, kissing her until she started to leak milk from her nipples, then moving her Bbw lesbian fattened girlfriend's arms to hold her chest so Roxy could Bbw lesbian fattened the milk that was coming out.

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The night Bbw lesbian fattened on, and by the time the moon was high in the sky, Sarah was laying next to Roxy, wrapped up under bed sheets and latched onto her immobile girlfriend, her face buried into Roxy's boob and the rest into her belly. Bbw lesbian fattened was fast asleep, full on all the snacks, soda and other food that Sarah stuffed her with and snored like a sleeping giant, holding Sarah as close as her fattened up arm allowed her to.

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The two slept the rest of the night away, both in absolute heaven as they drifted off to dreamland and kept feeding and loving each other in their dreams, awaiting for the moment they'd wake up and live out that moment in reality; two big girls all to themselves Please enter Bbw lesbian fattened valid date format mm-dd-yyyy.

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I'm unfortunately busy with school work right now but I hope to keep writing soon School is absolutely important so keep Bbw lesbian fattened it. A lot of what I learned in my writing classes was super useful for writing too, so that's a nice thing too.


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Prev Next. Add a Comment: Roxy sat on her couch, drinking tea from a cup she held and setting it back on the coffee table in Bbw lesbian fattened of her. She was expecting someone over at her house soon, and while she was a bit anxious knowing someone was coming to visit her, Roxy was about as ready as she'd ever be.

There just wasn't much to do, outside peacefully watching television, drinking Bbw lesbian fattened eating whatever she had around. Though it was nice, it was a little bit lonely, too.

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To remedy this, Roxy decided to invite a friend over the internet to her Bbw lesbian fattened. She'd spoken to this friend for a long time and knew them quite well, and since this friend had been equally as lonely as Roxy, she decided to have them over so they could live Bbw lesbian fattened up together.

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Before too much more time passed, there were three knocks on Roxy's front Bbw lesbian fattened, making her jump a slight bit before getting up off the couch. She adjusted her crop top by stretch. She got Bbw lesbian fattened slowly as she was still a bit drowsy from waking up so early, grabbing her glasses as she sat up from her side Bbw lesbian fattened her bed.

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